One thing you’re going to see rapidly is me trying to find my style for this comic.

For starters, I’ve never worked on a daily schedule before for a comic, let alone anything up to this complexity. I decided to forgo color since, really, it didn’t make sense to me. There was no pallet in mind when I did this, so going for something simple made sense. You’re going to see a lot of experimentation, especially at first, so enjoy the ride there!

In terms of my inking… the weird thing for me is that I LOVE inking, but I’ve been struggling to find my voice in this style. I’ve never really drawn a more cartoon style before, and this one was inspired by Tex Avery and Preston Blaire. I can already hear myself rolling my eyes for saying that, but its the truth, I wanted to do something more in terms of a classic toon style. The grittiness is thanks to Ralph Baskin, and the idea of doing the style entirely comes from Kozik.